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What we do

What does Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare do?

The NHS as a whole, and Genral Practice as a part of the NHS, faces significant and unprecedented challenges, some of which require General Practice to work in a different way, and at scale.

In response to this challenge a number of Practices within Wigan came together to form Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare. The company allows the Member Practices to work at scale and in greater collaboration with other local providers, including for example Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust.

Within Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare the practices work together to share resources, expertise and to provide services for patients. The company is also working to develop new services that practices individually could not provide.

Additionally, Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare works to help and support Member Practices to achieve efficiency savings through the scale and scope of the company; savings they could not make working alone.

At this stage of our development Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare plan on delivering a range of new high quality services within General Practice. As part of the delivery we will work in partnership with Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust, Bridgewater Community Services, Social Care, other local Federations and the Community and Voluntary Sector to provide a multi-disciplinary approach.

The company is locally run by a group of GPs and Practices Managers who form the Board of Directors; all are drawn from the Member Practices. The Board works to benefit the local population, while protecting NHS Services and keeping services and care as close to home as they possibly can be.

Our Objectives