Second wave of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund 2015/16

right-care-right-time-poster-1On 29th October 2014, GP practices were invited to apply to take part in the second wave of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund. For the 2015/16 period, there is funding of £100m for GP practices who can demonstrate how they would use the money to improve and extend patient access to services, with priority being given to places where GP practices are opening longer such as 8am-8pm, seven days a week.

GP practices were required to submit their applications by Friday 16th January 2015 and a total of 156 applications were received. Applications were assessed by local NHS England teams who then submitted the best proposals to a national assessment panel to make the decision on who was awarded funding.

On the 27th March 2015, NHS England announced that 37 applications, covering 1,417 practices had been selected to lead the way in the second phase, testing innovative ways of increasing access and delivering wider transformational change in general practice.

Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare along with 2 other federations in Wigan recently won the bid for the prime ministers challenge fund and are the host federation for the alliance project to provide extra GP appointments 7 days a week for the people of Wigan Borough.

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Our Objectives

Quality care is care which is delivered according to the best evidence as to what is clinically effective in improving an individuals health outcomes.

Quality care is care which is delivered so as to avoid all avoidable harm and risk to the individuals safety.

Quality care is care which looks to give the individual as positive an experience if receiving and recovering from the care as possible, including being treated according to what that individual wants or needs, and with compassion, dignity and respect.