Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare

Hi, I’m Helen, Chief Officer of Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare.

My time and journey here has probably been the best working experience of my life, I absolutely love it! Over the past two years I have transformed the Federation into an established service provider for Wigan.

How you ask? Well it hasn’t been easy, from the moment I had a coffee with one of our Directors Suzanne in April of 2020 I knew I was accepting a challenge that could have gone either way but with sheer determination, a good team, who incidentally I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, I have managed to develop and deliver successful services. Our Federation has and is continuing to grow, look out 2023 because we will be bigger and better!

At home I have a Husband who supports everything I do 100%, two grown up Children, two dogs and a cat. Down time is spent mostly with friends and I love to go over to our holiday home in Ireland.

A big shout out to the Federations Directors for believing in me and for giving me a blank canvas to work with. Onwards and Upwards #TeamFed